The Most Successful Games of All Time

The Most Successful Games of All Time

Games have played an iconic part of our lives with developers leaving nothing behind while making some of these classic games. Thanks to their effective demand, these games have gone ahead to break records, turning winbet2u into one of the best selling games of all time. With advanced features and graphics, most of these games tend to remain the ideal choice for any gamer, even years after its initial release. So, to bring out these names, here are some of the most successful games of all time.


Minecraft changed video games with some classic changes that gamers were ready to accept wholeheartedly. It was one of the top games when it was launched, and you may never find a single player who is not aware of this popular game. Although it was considered as a competitor to Lego, it went way beyond and achieved success in so many ways. Even to this day, people play this game, as the feeling of nostalgia hits like a wave.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Your childhood might not have been complete without GTA since it played a massive role in forming us as individuals. With numerous versions, players tend to stay hooked on towards the game, as it keeps defining fun again and again. The latest addition to the franchise, Grand Theft Auto 5 can be termed as the most successful one of all time. Within the first three days of its release, the gaming giant raked in profits of nearly 1 Billion dollars. Hence, it looks like people want to stay in this virtual world of chaos.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

There is a particular reason why people keep walking up and down with their phone in their hands. Don’t misunderstand this because they are not calling anyone, instead was busy playing PUBG. The translated into being successful on so many grounds and people were engrossed into the same. Released in the year 2017, the game took everyone by storm. It went on to create trends, as various competitions and events were conducted in the same name.


Super Mario Bros.

The simple tune of Super Mario Bros might be playing in your head, as we mentioned the game’s name. That was the impact that this gem of a game created way back in 1985. The gaming industry had not witnessed advancements, and changes were limited to a few. With little graphics in hand, the game turned out to be a timeless beauty that remains to be a classic. A simple gameplay that engineered people into a path of fun can be termed as an ideal definition for Super Mario Bros. Hence, that concludes our list for some of the most successful ones on the planet.


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