Tourism Trends to Watch Out For

Tourism Trends

Tourism Trends to Watch Out For

In the future, the already growing tourism industry is predicted to be the world’s biggest industry in the world. There are a lot of new ideas that have been introduced to tourism that makes us question what can we expect from it in the coming days. Here are the new trends in tourism which we can watch out for.

Solo Travel

Travelling has been a great team activity for years, but today more and more people are finding their bliss in travelling solo. It has become popular among the young travelers who prefer to make solo journeys to avoid any responsibilities.

Eco Travel

Now that people are finding the true meaning of travelling, they are becoming more and more conscious about keep the environement clean. The tourists, the tourism industry, and the government, everyone is doing their bit in keeping tourism eco friendly so that the beauty of the places remain for more years to come.

Local Experience

Today people are becoming more open to learning different cultures and traditions from the locals. You can find more tourists in the deep food streets of a place than the actual building or place it is famous for. Tourists are more interested in celebrating the festivals of the locals, trying out their cuisines and clothings and engaging with the locals for cultural activities.


Personalisation, however, more experienced in e-commerce is also becoming a big phenomenon in tourism industry. If you have personal preferences over a tourism program offered by an agency, you can customize your own activities and get a tailored plan specially made for your leisure as well as your budget.

Bleisure Travel

Bleisure is a made up term by millennials which means leisure combined with business. This is a trend which is followed by majority of working sector as it accomplished the tasks of the organizations as well as keep employees entertained with travel and nice accomodations.

Artificial Intelligence

The recent introduction to the tourism industry is the increasingly growing need of AI and chat bots. The machine learning technology is helping the travellers to plan and book their trips based on their preferences. AI is also becoming increasingly valuable in the destinations and hotels. It is being used to direct the tourists to their hotel rooms and for serving their needs. It is also beneficial for security and transport. Virtual Guide is one such example.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT is soon to become the most advanced self service technology which will be used for several applications. Allowing IoT in the field of tourism will open more ideas to manage several fields of commuting, destination, accommodation, and activities. With IoT, you can control your entire itinerary from your mobile device while connecting with every services which falls under your itinerary.

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